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After making thousands of dentures the conventional way, we have been able to identify where the inaccuracies occur and how they affect treatment. In fact, conventional dentures incur many defects through the use of average values and material distortion during manufacturing. The end result is often a denture that doesn’t quite fit and requires a lot of adjusting, which is inconvenient for both the patient and dental professional.

At Perfit Dental Solutions we are committed to helping patients live their lives without these inconveniences. We have attracted a diverse group of experts who share our vision, including: dental practitioners, clinic owners & managers, digital laboratory experts, marketing experts and consultants.

We aim to increase patient comfort & denture quality by utilizing newly emerging technologies. These technologies will decrease the amount of time required for patients and dental professionals to create the perfect fit.

We look forward to helping the industry evolve by replacing existing technology once we unveil Perfit Dental Solutions to the world!


Perfit Denture Implant Solutions Canada

Perfit launches Denture Implants across Canada

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Perfit Denture Implants are now available through providers across Canada! What makes Perfit Denture Implants different from other solutions in Canada? The Perfit Preview For the first time, you can now see your smile ahead…

Perfit Welcomes Robotics and Milling Expert – Ben Godfrey

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Perfit is proud to announce the addition of Ben Godfrey. Ben will lead milling operations at Perfit Dental Solutions and will also be working closely with the Perfit’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Eamonn Boyle and…

Dr. Eamonn Boyle joins Perfit Dental Solutions - Denture Implant and Digital dentistry experts.

Perfit Welcomes Dr. Eamonn Boyle

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PRESS RELEASE Perfit is extremely proud to announce the addition of Dr. Eamonn Boyle PhD., M.Eng., BA, BAI who will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer with Perfit Dental Solutions. With 15 years of…